The Family


”Allow me to tell you the tale of your foolish ancestor Heejoon …“

Once upon a time, on a little island off the coast of the Korean city of Busan, there lived an old hunter in a house at the bottom of a mountain. Now, taken piece by piece, nothing about this arrangement seemed terribly unusual, but then, in the eyes of the hunter’s young American nephew, nothing about this arrangement seemed terribly appealing either.

“Plenty of kids your age spend summers between school getting to know …

The Door


“But … what am I supposed to do?”

Casper suspected that this was an elaborate prank.

He walked the block several times, occasionally looking at the business card tucked in his jacket pocket. An address was typed on one side: 2714 Magnolia Drive. On the other, a hand-written phone number. He stood across the street from a Quik Clean dry cleaner, with a large 2712 above the door. Next to it, the aroma of fried chicken emanated from a Caribbean Wings and Things. The placard above the entrance …

Keeping a Cool


“Hayley, you should tell the police your husband’s missing.”

Father deserved to die. While knocking seven kinds of thingy out of Mother, he would howl, ‘I love you Hayley, but you don’t love me, you heartless bitch.’ Then he’d break her ribs, and make her a cup of tea as compensation.

Every loyal wife, like every rib, has her breaking point. I was fifteen years old when Mother reached hers. Father staggered home drunk one night after being chucked out of the Dagger and Duck.