A Guide to Serious Parenting


“You’ve got everything you need to ensure that Martina and Simon are serious about parenting.”


Martina slid from atop Simon’s panting body and pressed her face into the crook of his neck. His skin radiated warmth. Artificial moonlight from the sensuality enhancer cut pale patterns across his chest and thighs. Traces of cinnamon and chocolate lingered in the air. Her heart pounded heavy against his side.

Simon smiled broadly. “That was —”

Voices trickled in…



This was it — everything she needed in a single case.

‘What’s his name?’

Gail Whitman peered through the one-way glass at the small, barren room. A man sat alone amid the whitewashed concrete walls, neon striplight buzzing above his head. If the furniture wasn’t bolted down he would have tipped himself over onto the floor by now, but instead he sat chewing on one pink dreadlock, rocking back and forth to the rhythm in his head.

‘Your phone can tell you.’ Detective Ruckley tapped…

The Posthumous Novel of
Edward L. Heard


“There were supposed to be six books, but he only wrote five before he died.”

Becca bit back a gasp when the shade broker stepped out of nowhere and into her condo kitchen. For a second, Becca saw her mother in the broker’s stout figure and pulled-back wavy hair, and she felt a pang of loss again.

But this was a stranger, with a sharp chin and a conservative but fashionable pantsuit. The shade broker sat down on the breakfast nook bench and pulled a rustling stack of parchment from her briefcase. “I understand you would like to trade…”